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The talented Marc Victor Maria Denys proudly presents new single: "Soul Searcher"

Marc Victor Maria Denys is a versatile, multitalented and mercurial artist who set out to stay quite busy for the new year!

His sound is incredibly versatile, often blurring the lines between a wide array of genre and styles. Because of this diverse approach, he can seamlessly explore so many different ideas, making his music very special.

The year 2020 has already been quite a special one for the artist, who published a handful of songs in January.
The six tracks are released on the album Life As We Know It."


His debut single as Marc Victor Maria Denys is titled “Soul Searcher,” and it combines melodic elements with some pleasing rhythms and a lot of groove. The song echoes the sound and feel of timeless artists like Prince, but the atmospheric production also may connect with listeners who enjoy new indie artists and even other performers like Mac Miller (who, like Marc Victor Maria Denys, also blurred the lines between many styles on his latest posthumous album).

Find out more about Marc Victor Maria Denys and do not miss out on his most recent single releases, “taken from the album "Life As We Know It,” which you can find on Spotify and elsewhere on the web.


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